Moho is my choice for creating and animating cartoons. Below is a list of Cartoons1O1 products available at Content Paradise.


Whirlybird is an animated helicopter prop with rotating blades and sound! It has a pilot that can look down, up, and side to side, and has mouth movements for lip syncing. There is also an animated highway background that can be customized, and a billboard that can be customized also. This product can be used in Anime Studio 6 and Anime Studio Debut 6.

Whirlybird CC


Ladies and Gentlmen, please welcome the comedy stylings of Hump Dumpty! But seriously folks, Hump Dumpty’s rigged and ready to entertain in his own vector based comedy club. Use his mouth switch layer to feed him all the punned one liners he needs to crack you up … opps, did I say crack? Sorry Hump. Works with Anime Studio 5 and higher.


This “Turkey Toon” is so cute, you’ll just want to gobble him all up. He uses the Anime Studio Pro 9 smart bones feature to move his head right and left to 45 degree views, along with his eyes and mouth. The rest of his body is also rigged including his tail and wing feathers. Turkey Toon also comes equipped with his own coop that opens and closes via smart bone, and two jgeg backgrounds. Whether you animate, or pose him for clip art, you’ll want Turkey Toon to be the guest of honor for the holiday season.


How about taking a ride, or perhaps a little stroll through the country. This looped country scape could be just what you need to add a moving background to your animated project. Created in Anime Studio Pro 6, the background's scenes are at various Z positions to give that 3 dimensional look. The scene also moves in right or left directions by hiding and un-hiding the appropriate layer. Various scenes can also be achieved in the same manner. Watch some of the animated horses graze and sip water from the pond.


From around the corner or around the world, "News Desk" is there! This vectorized cartoon news studio has four characters with rigged head and eyebrows and two mouth switch layers, for happy or sad lip synching. Three animated design backgrounds are also included, along with a spinning world logo and two camera props. The media screen can be customized to show your own images and movies using Anime Studio's masking feature. Use "News Desk" for greeting cards, home video titles, animated commercials, or any project where the latest news of any kind is needed!


Need a cake for that special occasion? Consider the "Surprise Cake" by Cartoons 1O1.This no calorie creation is full of sugar and spice, that pops out using the pre-animated set up. Experienced users can customize the cake with it's smart bone to flip open the top layer when needed. Ten candles for various age milestones and a sparkler can also be added. The bikini clad bombshell is rigged, and has smart bone dials to control head movements and facial expressions.



Look out! Here comes "Pitchman", that enthusiastic, animated, and informative guy that describes, products and services that you MUST have. This character is rigged, and has smart bones tocontrol his head and facial exressions. He's made with vectors, so experienced users can change hisclothing and skin color. A special hand position in the hand switch layer folder, allows you to add your own product photo image.

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